What Happens in a Comprehensive Physical Exam?

What Happens in a Comprehensive Physical Exam?

A physical examination consists of a number of medical-related procedures for the purpose of checking one’s overall well-being. The medical professionals who can conduct this test are physicians, registered nurses, and doctors’ assistants. An individual does not need to be ill to go through a physical exam. This is a good opportunity to inquire about health concerns and ask for tips on any lifestyle improvements.

The physical exam can differ according to the patients’ age, health concern, and medical history. Sometimes, physicians would require more elaborate tests to finalize any findings. Other times, we would only recommend the standard set of tests as the patients’ medical needs have already been addressed.

The Purpose of a Physical Exam

As medical practitioners know, a lot of people hear about different myths about taking vitamins, trying different diets or doing various types of exercises that they are not even sure if it fits their health condition. Physical exams do not only let people know about their general health status but it is also their chance to ask about ongoing symptoms, daily routines or basically confirming some information they might have read about. This way, patients will have professional consultations and they do not have to suffer dangerous side effects.

Physical examinations are usually conducted annually, especially for seniors aged 50 and above. Specifically, these exams check the following:

  • Immunizations and booster shots update
  • Detection of illnesses and recommendation of treatment
  • Making sure you are on the right type of diet
  • Ensuring you do the right type of exercises
  • Building a connection with your physicians

This is also the patients’ chance to find out about their blood pressure levels, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. These may let an individual appear asymptomatic, which is why it is important to go through medical tests and have a professional interpret the results. This way, early treatment can be given and advancement of complications can be avoided.

How to Prepare for a Physical Exam

Prepare a list of questions that you need to ask your physician. Have your current medications on hand to show what you are currently taking and how this is affecting your health. Also, show any medical device that you may be using such as a pacemaker.

If you are experiencing symptoms, it would also be better to inform your doctor about it, most especially pain. Any laboratory tests and results should also be shown. Your physician might also ask for your medical and family history, might as well prepare for that too! This will be a full body examination, it would be wise to wear comfortable loose clothing. You do not need to wear any accessories or makeup so that your physician can conduct the test easier.

If you are in a condition where you cannot go to a facility for the physical exam, you can also request for a home visit. There are Visiting Physicians in Mesquite, Texas who are more than willing to go to your house and conduct the tests. You can book for an appointment with Housecalls Plus, Inc. by calling 972-279-0781 or logging onto their site at www.housecallsplusinc.com.

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