Transitioning from Hospital to Home Care

Transitioning from Hospital to Home Care
There are two common reasons why a patient is transitioning from hospital to home care. First, the ever increasing hospital bills are starting to worry the patient, and the people concerned, and the best way to avoid ending up having an unpayable bill is to get a more affordable treatment at home. Second, the patient is fit to be discharged but still needs special primary care in the premises of their home. Today, health aide providers, such as our outstanding Visiting Physicians in Mesquite, Texas, at Housecalls Plus, Inc., help making primary care available at home. With the assistance of a health aide, here are some the things essential for an easy transition from hospital to home care.


If the patient had been discharged from the hospital with a brand new injury or with a progressing disease that is going to make living and performing daily tasks difficult for them, they should be provided with skilled nursing and rehabilitative therapies. These programs include Physical Therapy, to relieve their physical pains, and Occupational Therapy, to help them adjust to their new condition and be able to live and function properly with it.

Disease Management

If the patient is suffering from a health condition, especially chronic diseases, they should be provided with care that is specialized for their illness. Our expert Visiting Physicians in Mesquite, Texas, at Housecalls Plus, Inc., are highly trained to provide chronic disease management to help patients acquire their necessary treatments in the convenience and comfort of their homes.

Medication Management

Medications are vital to the patient’s recovery and health maintenance and should be taken exactly as how they are prescribed. When the patient has been prescribed two or more medications, it might be difficult for them to follow schedules on when to take a particular medication, if the drugs are to be taken in different times of the day, and end up skipping doses. Another problem is when the patient runs out of drugs but is unable to leave the house to get refills due to their condition.

Conducting Necessary Tests

The patient’s physician will able to monitor the patient’s progress through physical examinations and other medical tests. And while these things are usually done in the hospital, Housecalls Plus, Inc., provides physical exams and other tests right in the patient’s home.

To make sure that you are getting quality treatment at the comfort of your own homes, get exceptional treatment and care from our brilliant Visiting Physicians in Mesquite, Texas, at Housecalls Plus, Inc. Check out the complete list of our services at

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