Successfully Managing Chronic Disease at Home

Successfully Managing Chronic Disease at Home

When a patient is diagnosed with a chronic disease, the first thing that comes to their mind is the cost of the treatment. Thinking about the cost of the regular trips to the doctor’s office or the hospital alone may even be more unbearable than the disease, itself. However, primary care may now be available right inside the patient’s home through health aide providers, like us, at Housecalls Plus, Inc. This is so that the patient may avoid the more expensive stay in their hospital rooms and get a less costly treatment inside the comfort of their abode. Here are some of vital tasks of health care providers, like our highly-trained Visiting Physicians in Mesquite, Texas, in providing care for the chronically-ill in their own homes.

Sick Visits and Symptoms Management

As the disease progresses, the patient may experience recurring pain due to its symptoms. It’s also typical that the disease will cause the patient’s health to deteriorate, weakening their immune system, and making them more susceptible to sickness, especially the infectious ones. Our exceptional Visiting Physicians in Mesquite, Texas, at Housecalls Plus, Inc., are able to provide Chronic Disease Management and Sick Visits for the patient to continue their care and treatment without leaving the confines of their comfortable homes.

Health Monitoring

Monitoring the patient’s health and condition is important in determining if the disease has stabilized or has gotten worse, enough to warrant a different and enhanced treatment plan. Checking the patient’s progress is done through comprehensive physical exams and other medical tests that can easily be performed by our skilled Visiting Physicians in Mesquite, Texas, at Housecalls Plus, Inc.

Coordinate Care

Even if the patient is continuing their care at home, instead of the hospital, it’s still important that their physicians and medical specialists be updated on their progress. Coordination of care is important for all the participants involved in the patient’s care to have a mutual understanding of the patient’s current medical needs and will be able to provide a uniformed, appropriate, and more effective care. This will help give the patient high-quality and high-value health care.

Even if you are suffering from a worsening chronic disease, living independently and happily at the comfort of your own homes is still possible, with the help of our outstanding Visiting Physicians in Mesquite, Texas, at Housecalls Plus, Inc. Check out our website now at

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