Senior Watch: How You Can Reduce the Risks of Accidental Poisoning

 Senior Watch: How You Can Reduce the Risks of Accidental Poisoning

About 4% of the injuries suffered by older adults are caused by unintentional or accidental poisoning. The serious risks can cause more injuries and worse, more fatal than fires. Accidental poisoning can be the result from dementia and confusion, improper storage, improper use of the product, or mistaken identities. On the other hands, depression is common in the elderly making suicide attempts to be more likely successful in this age group.

Nevertheless, the biological problem is that older adults have weaker immune systems—less stomach acid and weakened kidneys—to control and filter bacteria from the blood. In this way, food or medication poisoning can be difficult to treat and can even reoccur.

Housecalls Plus, Inc., a steadfast source of visiting physicians in Mesquite, Texas, believes that once you understand the risks involved and taking steps to reduce it can help your parents from serious damages and illnesses potentially caused by poisoning.

Understand poison
We all know that poison is a dangerous substance specifically designed to cause harm living things. However, this is obviously not the case. Poison, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, causes harm if too much of something gets into the body.

Poisoning can happen through all means of entry—inhaling, drinking, eating, skin absorption, or injection. Being able to understand this keeps your parents from the risks and allow you to take the right ways to minimize or even avoid it.

Remove confusing matters
Go through their home and look for items that might confuse them especially if your aging parents are struggling with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of Dementia. It can potentially lead to unintentional poisoning. Confusing matters like body products that smell like fruits, cleaning chemicals that look like a juice drink, air fresheners that look like candies, or artificial decorative foods are potential threats to their health.

Place medication reminders
Nowadays, most elders are struggling with several medical conditions or health issues which really need treatment. You aging parents might be dealing with multiple medications on a daily basis which can be confusing for anyone especially so for seniors. They might take too much of a medication, take the wrong medication, take it at the wrong time, or combine medications inappropriately, and sometimes, take medications of other people like their partner’s medications.

If you have an aging loved one who really needs great care, consider elderly care and keep them in regular appointment with the visiting physicians in Mesquite, Texas of Housecalls Plus, Inc. for better management of their health conditions today!

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