Reasons Why Older Adults Easily Get Sick

Reasons Why Older Adults Easily Get Sick

Do you notice how your grandmother can easily catch the flu, colds, or any common viruses spreading around us? Do you notice how these viruses can have a great impact on the overall health of your loved ones? For most of us, when viruses or common flu hits us, we can easily recover from it once we get enough rest. But for seniors, it might take a long time before they can recover from the flu.

The reason why senior adults can easily get sick is that of their weakened immune system making them susceptible to viruses spread through the air. Moreover, they might not receive adequate nutrition resulting to poor health. At Housecalls Plus, Inc., we conduct sick visitations to ensure that seniors receive appropriate medical attention and the right medication.

In addition, we do not just provide medical assistance but we also aim to discuss with you the necessary information about your senior’s health.

  • Senior Adults and their Immune System
    As we age, our body changes as well. Our bones grow weaker and our immune system is less efficient. Our immune system primarily protects the body from any viruses that enter our body. Frailty among senior adults is also a contributing factor to a weaker immune system. When the lungs cannot release all the toxins that they contain, the toxins will go down to the different parts of the body.
  • Common Sickness among Seniors
    One of the common sicknesses that are rampant among seniors is pneumonia. It is often left untreated because its symptoms can go unnoticed. An individual may experience chronic cough and colds and even fever, but he just ignores it thinking it is just normal. However, when a cough and fever will not go away after a certain period of time, it might mean that the virus has gone worse.

    Pneumonia can worsen once your loved ones already feel chest pains, shortness of breath, and once they spurt out green or yellow sputum when they cough. You must bring them to the hospital or call your trusted physician at Housecalls Plus, Inc., which is known for having Visiting Physicians at Mesquite, Texas.

  • How Physicians can Help
    Doctors can help relieve the pain experienced by the patient through giving antibiotics. They can recommend the right brand of medicine as well as the dosage. However, if the patient experiences worst pain, the doctor can also recommend some liquids to cure dehydration, assist him or her with oxygen in cases where he or she has difficulty in breathing or pain reliever for chest pains.

Treatment procedures recommended by experts are safer and proved to be more effective. It pays to listen to those who know about it rather than doing things on our own.

For more information about senior health and the proper medication from physicians, trust our experts at Housecalls Plus, Inc. You can visit our website at or call us at 972-279-0781.

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