Nursing Homes vs. Assisted Living Homes: Which one is better?

Nursing Homes vs. Assisted Living Homes Which one is better
Adult Homes. Senior Home Care. Community Housing. Residential Care. Whatever we call these places, they all boil down to one broader term: assisted living. As we grow older, we become weaker and more dependent on another person. As much as we do not want to admit it, the idea of a caregiver is very appealing already.

For some senior patients, they are yet to decide what kind of senior care that they would want to get. Our patients at Housecalls Plus, Inc., visiting physicians in Mesquite, Texas, often ask us what kind of senior care should they get. The idea of a nursing home seems to have a bad notion for them. We give them the alternative of getting into assisted living homes as it offers a good coverage for service.

What are the services offered in nursing homes?

Nursing homes often provide intensive services to patients. From 24/7 assistance to having nurses and medical experts check on the patient’s condition every now and then. Because the facilities of a nursing home are catered to the needs of the patients, hence, everything is accessible for the patients.

Moreover, nursing homes also offer skilled care that includes bathing, grooming, and constant monitoring of one’s health. Aside from these medical services, nursing homes also provide social and recreational activities to facilitate the overall health of the patient.

What makes assisted living differently from nursing homes?

Assisted living homes are quite similar to nursing homes in terms of providing the basic care needs of the patient. It includes having their own private room and their personal care. However, what makes assisted living a good type of senior care is that it is very comprehensive when it comes to providing health care to seniors.

Housecalls Plus, Inc., visiting physicians in Mesquite, Texas, aims to make assisted living a good way for seniors to recuperate and recover from sickness or surgery. Hence, we also offer services like having wellness programs, a structured day-to-day activity in which we add in exercises and a good meal program to cater to their needs. There is also a round-the-clock emergency system in case something happens. Lastly, there are also transportation arrangements whenever the patient wants to visit their family or they have a scheduled check-up with their doctor.

The quality of care in assisted living homes

One unique feature of assisted living homes is the extent of care and service that they are willing to invest in their patient. As a caring community, we want everyone to enjoy their right to excellent healthcare services.

And the secret to achieving quality care from your health homes is when you know what your seniors need and you can find a suitable provider that matches their needs. You need to look closely as there are a number of assisted living facilities that differ in the coverage of their services.

Are you planning on getting assisted living care for your seniors? Let us hear your thoughts about it or leave us a comment below so we know!

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