Medical Care at Your Convenience!

Medical Care at Your Convenience

If you are too sick to go to the hospital on your own, or if you simply cannot get to the hospital, you will want to keep in mind the many services Visiting Physicians in Mesquite, Texas such as Housecalls Plus, Inc. can provide to you. We can provide comprehensive physical exams, home safety evaluations, and sick visits all in the comfort of your own home! It is our goal to make health care convenient and easy for you.

  • Physical Exams

    It is important to get a physical exam on a regular basis. This will help you stay up to date with the current state of your health, so you know what to do in order to stay healthy or to improve your health. Before, you would have to visit the clinic or a hospital in order for you to receive a physical exam, but now we can go to you and provide you with a comprehensive physical in the comfort of your own home! Healthcare no longer has to be a hassle, because we visit you at your own convenience.

  • Home Safety Evaluations

    If you or a loved one is disabled or getting older, it is critical to have the safety of your home evaluated. We will visit your home and thoroughly check it out and determine what needs to be done to make the house not only safe but more convenient for your needs. This can include installing ramps, installing rails, handles in the bathroom, or even a lift to help you get up the stairs. We will ensure your home can be modified to suit your circumstances.

  • Sick Visits

    When you are sick and you are unable to go to a clinic or a healthcare facility, or perhaps you just simply do not want to go anywhere, we provide compassionate and high-quality sick visits that you can rely on anytime. We will actually go to you in the comfort of your own home and provide the medical care and treatment that you deserve. We know that it can be a hassle going to a facility where you have to wait hours in some lobby, so we will just come to you instead!

If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can provide you top-notch healthcare in the comfort of your own home, feel free to check out our website for more information. Also, if you have any questions that you would like to ask us, please do not hesitate to give us a call now at 972-279-0781. Healthcare does not have to be a hassle any longer!

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