Facts About Physical Examinations

Facts About Physical Examinations

Physical examinations are performed every year to check the current health state of an individual. It is more than just a consultation session with the physician. This will allow the patients to have more time to talk about their concerns, as well as have extensive diagnostic examinations.

Where do physical exams take place?

Traditionally, it is conducted in a facility. It can be in hospitals, nursing homes or clinics. Today, there are examinations that can be done at the patients’ home. This is because not all clients will be able to go to different places to have a general check-up. Since this type of examination does not have any age limit, medical staffs consider the condition that the patients are in.

What is the difference between physical examinations conducted in facilities and at home?

In terms of the test itself, it is basically the same wherever the location may be. Keep in mind that every client may have to go through different types of tests as it will depend according to their ages, health concerns, and medical histories.

However, tests conducted at home are more convenient since the clients do not need to go out and travel to the facility. This is quite helpful for those who have limited mobility such as the seniors, the ill, and those with special needs. It can also make the patients more comfortable and less anxious since they are in a familiar place.

What are the preparations needed for the physical exam?

First, a client needs to prepare the list of previous and current medications taken. This may be over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, vitamins, or herbal supplements. Second, the medical professional should also know about any relevant medical exam and results, devices worn, or used such as walkers or pacemakers and the clients’ medical history. It would also greatly help if the clients will let the examiner know about current symptoms or pain. This is also the best time to prepare any inquiries and concerns regarding one’s diet, exercise or medications needed.

How is the physical examination performed?

The physician will have to assess the patient first by asking questions regarding medical histories, allergies, current lifestyle, vices, and any possible symptoms experienced. The patient will then be inspected for any blemishes, unusual growths, bumps, or marks.

The patient will then be sit asked to either or lie down. A stethoscope will be used to auscultate the internal organs such as the heart rhythm, breaths in lungs and sounds in the stomach and intestines.

The doctor will have to palpitate and percuss the body to know about the organs’ condition. This will help identify the organs’ size, location, consistency, and contents.

The patient will also be given the chance to ask any questions and communicate any concerns regarding their health. The physician might suggest further laboratory exams or make referrals to specialists.

Can anyone other than sick people get an appointment?

Physical examinations are recommended for everyone, no matter the age and health state. In a case where the client cannot travel to a facility to have the exam, there are Visiting Physicians in Mesquite, Texas who can do home visits and conduct the physical tests in the clients’ homes. All they have to do is to either make a call to Housecalls Plus, Inc. at 972-279-0781 so they can book an appointment.

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