5 Physical Areas Highly Prone to Age-Related Changes

5 Physical Areas Highly Prone to Age-Related Changes

Seniors are generally susceptible to different kinds of age-related changes that often bring about health conditions that can be reduced or prevented by lifestyle changes. Age-related changes often are processes that are inevitable and are often slow which can still be reversed or slowed down with lifestyle habits.

Housecalls Plus, Inc., a trusted provider of visiting physicians in Mesquite, Texas, recognizes the fact that there are particular areas in the body that primarily go through age-related changes and such events often lead to test the immunity of a person’s body. With these ideas, we hope that your elderly loved ones can take action for the benefit of their health.

  • Brain

    Since the brain is one of the main organs that is used 24/7, it is no surprise that it tops this list. As we grow older, we experience “senior moments” or the moments that take us time to remember something well. This is inevitable. However, brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s or other forms of Dementia are not part of normal aging.

    These memory disorders are often diagnosed late because of the idea that the older people are just “getting old” when they forget things. You have to know that normal memory loss only takes times to remember but these brain disorders could lead to a total memory loss which is why it is very important for your elderly loved ones to eat the right foods and have a healthy lifestyle.

  • Bones and Joints

    One condition that older people struggle with is the problem on their joints such as arthritis and bones like osteoporosis. Lack of vitamin D and calcium often lead to deficiencies that severely affect one’s bones and joints. People who suffer from bone-and-joint problems are highly at risk of slips and falls even on a flat surface.

    It is imperative that your loved ones’ diet is well-prepared and balanced. This is very imperative that your elderly loved ones get the right nourishment for their bones and joints. Consult your doctor on what food is good for their condition, especially to these areas. Exercise can also be a great way to improve their muscles and joints to avoid atrophy.

  • Eyes and Ears

    Vision and hearing loss can affect several aspects of an elderly loved ones’ life. He or she would have trouble in managing their medications well, maintaining their social relationships, and handling their personal hygiene. It would be very difficult for older people to make things happen for them given certain functional disabilities, which will be discussed later.

    It is important that your elderly loved ones get regular check-ups from their doctors. Make sure your elders’ health care team is on-the-dot in keeping your seniors’ health in good condition. You could also ask the services of the visiting physicians in Mesquite, Texas. You can call Housecalls Plus, Inc. today.

  • Digestive and Metabolic

    The digestive and metabolic processes in an aging body often slow down. This is why your elderly loved ones have changed their taste towards their food. Certain amounts of food before can now overwhelm them which is often the reason why they lose their appetite.

    Stay creative in making their meals. Avoid offering them choices but instead, you can introduce them the food to avoid confusion. Older people have also less activity to do, so their meals must be enough yet nutrient-rich in order to fulfill their nutritional requirements every day.

  • Urogenital

    Incontinence and other bladder and bowel problems often create different problems and difficulties for your elderly loved ones. This could also affect their sleep and could bring numerous domino effects on their health. It is important that your elderly loved ones get the regular medical check-up to monitor their urogenital conditions, especially if they have an overactive bowel.

Your elderly loved ones can also experience dental problems, skin irritations and disorders and other functional abilities that could go haywire anytime. We understand that you need a quality provider for your elderly loved ones and also to make the most of your investments.

Housecalls Plus, Inc. is the most reliable provider of visiting physicians in Mesquite, Texas today! Call us and get help for your aging loved ones that truly deserve professional assistance and care.


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