5 Medication Tips That May Save Your Loved One’s Life

5 Medication Tips That May Save Your Loved One’s Life

One of the toughest tasks of being a caregiver is medication management. Skipping medications or giving the right dosage to the patient is only some of the common dilemma. But the real tasks of caregivers are to know all the details of the medication of the patient and remind him or her to drink it with the recommended dosage.

Housecalls Plus, Inc., your partner when it comes to having Visiting Physicians in Mesquite, Texas, provides quality medication management services. We know how important the proper use of prescription drugs is to the health of the seniors. It could help maintain their normal functions and alleviate the pain they experience from their physical condition. This is why we are very keen when it comes to medication management.

To give you some helpful tips about medication management, you can do the following:

1. Check the labels

The first thing that you should know when managing the medication of your patient is the packaging and the composition of the medicine. When you are familiar with the condition of the patients, their allergies, and the nutrients they need in a medicine, it will be easier for you to spot whether the prescription drug available is effective for them or not.

You should also note the packaging and check if it is in good condition. In this manner, you will be able to spot any defects in the packaging that could indicate whether it has been tampered or it is a counterfeit. You should also check the expiration date of the prescription drug as it could highly affect the health of the seniors greatly.

2. Make a medicine organizer

When your patient is given too many medications by her physician, the best way to remember all of it is by putting them in an organizer. You can put all the medicine that should be taken on a particular day or you can also indicate whether it should be taken before meals and how many times should she have it in one day.

In this manner, you will be guided on the different medication your patient has and you will be able to maximize the number of available medicines in stock.

3. Be mindful of refills and doctor’s checkups

Having a medicine organizer will help remind you that you need to ask for refills. There are a number of pharmacies who can auto-refill your medicines through online notifications. So once you see that there is a need to refill a particular prescription drug, you can order ahead of time and get it delivered right at your doorstep.

You should also be mindful of the doctor’s checkups. When a patient is given some prescriptions, he only has to take it for a week or two and visit the doctor again to see if the medication worked on him or not. You should prepare a doctor’s visit in advance to avoid delays and take note of any changes in the patient during the duration of such medication.

4. Be mindful of side effects

Another task for caregivers is to take note of the side effects. We have to be aware that not all medication is suitable for all patients. There are some who may have a negative reaction when they take a particular medicine thus, resulting to allergies or worsening of the pains.

Once you notice any side effects on the patient, it is best to stop giving him the medicine temporarily and go to the doctor as soon as possible to have him checked.

5. Call the pharmacists

As caregivers, it is also our task to know the prescription drugs taken by our patient. Every time the doctor gives new prescriptions, it is always good to ask our pharmacist about the medicine. We educate ourselves on what the drug is about, its use, and its composition. You can also double check the dosage needed by the patient through the pharmacists.

For more tips on medication management, trust the experts at Housecalls Plus, Inc., a trusted provider when it comes to Visiting Physicians in Mesquite, Texas. For details, you can check our website www.housecallsplusinc.com or call us at 972-279-0781.

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